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Live Positive Breakthrough Deposit $500

How would you like to live with unwavering confidence and release stress in order to live positive with passion and inspiration in just 10-Hours?

Our conscious mind can set amazing goals, and we know that we deserve to show up, take action, and accomplish everything we want to. Yet what does it mean when we know we deserve it but yet still doubt ourselves? That seed of doubt comes from the unconscious mind. That seed of doubt might say different things for each person, yet the message is the consistent “I’m not sure if I’m good enough or worthy of the end result.” How do we silence the negative thoughts so we become absolutely unstoppable? A breakthrough.

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  • 30 Day Start
  • Daily Videos of encouragement and focus
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  • 12 Weeks to Triumph!
  • CORE Triumph! Success Formula
  • Take charge of your emotional state with BLAB
  • Detailed Work Booklet
  • Daily Videos
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    Your personalized program:

  • The Live Positive Breakthrough
  • 10-Hour Personalized Breakthrough Coaching
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy®
  • Whatever else it takes to make your breakthrough!
    Valued at $5,000



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