A set of new golf clubs

Will New Clubs Give Me a Lower Score?

A set of new golf clubsYou stand in the golf store looking at that shiny new set of clubs that offer a lot of promises for improved performance. Some of the enticing statements you’ll hear are “AI-designed different thickness patterns for each club’s intended purpose”, “lowered center of gravity for better lift”, and “crafted with urethane microspheres to reduce vibration”. But, the question still remains – will purchasing these new clubs give you the lower score you are looking for and take your game and your confidence to the next level?

Looking Past the Newness
New and shiny clubs are almost always going to be tempting you to whip out that credit card or fire up your Apple Pay whenever you enter the pro shop or golf depot. After playing around with the indoor putting green and testing the most advanced level of golf clubs available on the market in the store’s driving range simulator, it can be hard to be satisfied with the old clubs sitting in your bag with scratches and embedded dirt you cannot clean off no matter how hard you try. But, remember each of those scratches tells stories of your greatest triumphs, your memories of meeting up with friends and family members, and the most cherished lessons that helped shape you into the golfer you are today. Then again, if you still feel you are ready for that next level of technology yet are not sure if you should spend the money, these questions can help you determine if new clubs are worth the purchase price.

1. What Do You Hope to Achieve?
Are you looking for reliable performance? Do you hope better clubs will rid you of the self-doubt that has been plaguing your performance? If you are already a consistent player and you are looking for a cutting edge to have over the competition at the next tournament, a new set of clubs could be helpful. However, if you are inconsistently hitting the ball or you lack confidence on the golf course, the clubs are not likely the issue. In such situations, since golf is a mentally challenging sport, developing your champion mindset would be the first place to begin in your quest for more consistency, confidence, and overall enjoyment of the game.

2. Are You Setting Realistic Expectations?
Who wouldn’t love to bank on the performance of a set of state-of-the-art golf clubs for a lower score and more targeted power? The golf industry is inundated with gadgets and gizmos that marketers suggest are able to outperform any competing brand and you end up feeling as if they add so much forgiveness to your swing that the ball will practically roll into the hole without any real skill behind the shot. In reality, there are no such inventions that will alter your swing to that extent, and practicing the wrong things to do from your stance & foot placement to your backswing and followthrough is just going to end up with the same results. Therefore, while there is some merit attached to AI-enhanced clubs that deliver the performance you can trust to be more accurate and consistent, your playing improvements will still need to start with a more positive and confident mindset that enables you to see the mistakes and practice the right movements every time instead of repeating the same flawed process.

3. Do You Have Clear Goals and a Manageable Plan?
Once you have sorted through the aesthetic appeal and the advanced technology claims for a more realistic expectation of what another set of clubs can offer your performance on the golf course, it’s time to set your goals and make a plan. By discovering how you plan to use the clubs’ touted differences to achieve your goals, you may find the value in the purchase. On the other hand, in order for this strategy to work, your goals as well as how you envision accomplishing those goals should match up with the marketing statements about the clubs.

4. Have You Tried Unlocking the Full Potential With What You Already Have First?
At this point, you should have a clearer picture of whether a different set of clubs may be in your near future. Will they meet your realistic expectations by offering unique features that will tweak your game enough to crush your goals and justify the price? If the answer is yes or if you simply like the concept of a particular set of clubs or how they feel when you swing, then these are all still valid reasons to initiate the purchase. However, no matter which clubs you use, it is essential that the biggest tool in the game of golf gets the largest portion of your practice and playing attention – your mindset. Join me, Debbie O’Connell, as I share my top award-winning techniques I use with corporate executives and elite athletes to lower scores in under five days by signing up for my next “Keys to a Champion Mindset 2.0” course. This course is for all playing abilities and it will give you that performance tweak you need that you can use anywhere and with any club. No tricks or gimmicks are involved! You can do this, it’s surprisingly interactive and super fun, and I’m going to show you how it’s done in less than one week of taking my course. Grab your friends and sign up for the next course offered today. It’s going to blow your mindset!

I highly recommend getting a club fitting with a certified professional who you trust. Bring your clubs and compare them with the new technology. After all, buying new clubs is a big investment so it’s important to know you are making the best decision for your golf goals.


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