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7 Benefits of a Masterminds Course From Trainers Who Live and Breathe It!

Portrait Of Happy Successful Business GroupThere are “Masterminds” groups all over the world for good reason! The lengthy list of benefits from a properly led course is far too numerous to condense into one article. But, we’re going to hit the highlights because this is one course you do not want to miss. Did we mention the team is led by award-winning nationally known professional golfer, philanthropist, and motivational speaker Debbie O’Connell? Yeh, get ready to have your world rocked! This is going to be epic!

1. Finding Freedom From Fear!
What is holding you back in life? Do you feel like your world will fall apart financially and otherwise if you venture into a new direction? Are you afraid of failure and crushed hopes? Is your mind telling you that you are unworthy or incapable of better? If fear and a lack of confidence is keeping you from being bold and pursuing all that you deserve, Debbie’s “Elite Mastermind” course is where you need to take that first step. Together with some amazing individuals who have triumphed over their own self-doubt and paralyzing fears, you will be prepared with the tools you need to not take your goals to new heights but soar far beyond!

“I went from feeling fear, unwanted, and unloved to feeling free, excited, and happy with a new outlook on life!
I’ve taken these lessons back to my business and to be a better mom!“
– Erin

2. Enjoying the Journey!
Aren’t you tired of living for the end results you had planned so clearly in your mind only to have life events deflate all your enthusiasm? In “Elite Mastermind“, you will learn how to move past that emotional rollercoaster that keeps you from pushing through to that next level all while having fun along the way! It is possible for you to be happy when your world is not perfect.

3. Turning Your Struggles Into Opportunities!
You may be thinking that this is only for people who have it easier in life or people who already have a decent list of accomplishments. However, this course was actually designed for people like you who are searching for this understanding that elite athletes and world-renowned businessmen and women practice in their lives. Plus, while you will be amazed at the encouragement and inspiration you will experience when surrounded by a group of positive and emboldened individuals, you will be just as much a part of this group with every bit of the same potential as any other member. In this course, you are on an equal playing field where your mind and determination will grow and develop into the mindset and focus of a champion!

4. Disrupting the Patterns and Rediscovering the Excitement!
Do your friends and family no longer believe you will follow through with what you say you want to do? That’s no longer going to be their impression of you. After this course, giving up is not going to be part of your vocabulary. Your old ways of starting to reach for more and then pulling back will finally be a thing of the past after you learn your triggers and how to overcome them. Doesn’t that make you want to jump up and check the calendar to see if you are any closer to February 3rd?

“Debbie helped me to go deeper and breakthrough a few of my barriers.
She interrupted old patterns that were holding me back in life and business.”

– Karla

5. Brainstorming With Incredible People Who Want You to Succeed!
One thing you will need in order to experience a sense of deep satisfaction and enjoy richer more meaningful relationships is practice being around those who see the world through a positive lense. In “Elite Mastermind“, you and your group members will be taught how to let go of those stressors and negative self-talk. You will work together as a team to find ways around roadblocks in your path to success. In other words, this is going to develop into your safe and nurturing space to craft your future. By the end of the course, you will be astounded at how your view of the world around you will shift to reveal what was once thought to be an impossible goal is now attainable and you have the plan that will get results!

6. Gaining the Support of Your Peers!
As if that’s not enough, those group members taking the course with you will suddenly evolve without you noticing into this highly dedicated network of support. Extremely successful people have this unbelievable energy about them that spills into everything around them. You can come to Masterminds group after having the worst day and suddenly your weight feels somehow a little more lifted just from being around this positive influence and supportive environment filled with people who want to see you not just live but thrive!

“The last 3 months have been more than just coaching but a positive mindset lifestyle change!
What I love is that I have a coach that is not telling me how to grow my business
but instead how to grow me which is creating a ripple effect on my business.”

– Robin

7. Incredible Trainers Who Live What They Teach!
Of course, to gain these benefits, your group will need strong leadership! Debbie O’Connell is a Certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, published author, and coach who lives out the advice she gives. She has built a team of talented coaches who cannot wait to share these fast life-changing events with you.

If you are waiting for a Mastermind group that has a strong leader to start your journey, this is it! Even better, your journey does not start on February 3rd. It starts right now. Today! By signing up for our “Elite Mastermind” course, you are taking your first step towards unleashing your potential and you are already experiencing that joy of anticipating how this decision is going to impact your life forever! Enjoy it. Your victory over your fear and doubt is about to arrive.

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