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Unbinding Your Potential

A colorful hot air balloon rising above a sea of white hot air balloonsAre you frustrated with falling short of your potential at the office, at home, or on the golf course? You know you have the skills and dedication, but something is always causing you to miss the mark. Get to the bottom of what is keeping your dreams just out of reach with these great tips!

Time to Work Smarter
We are creatures of habit by nature. Once we find a system that is pushing us a step closer to attaining our goals, we begin to feel overly comfortable staying within the established routine and fearing the ramifications of any alterations. But, what worked for you in 2010 or even last year may not be the plan you need now. After all, you have done a lot of maturing in your abilities and experiences over that last year. With that said, is it any surprise when your faithful system can no longer keep up? Plus, your body has been making some changes as well that could subtly affect the outcomes of your strategy while also making an impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

That’s why working harder in the same scheduled habits is not always the right path to success. Transitional moments like these call for looking at your challenges from a new angle. Ask yourself what strengths are still moving you forward, what areas may be out of balance in your life, and which changes are happening internally that might be having more of an effect on your outcomes than you realized? On the golf course, for instance, your stance, balance, breathing, power, and confidence could all be affected by an injury, added stressors, diet change, or sleep interruption.

Turning Old Habits Into a Fresh Approach!
All of these factors can contribute to a less than desirable performance, despite a dedicated mindset focused on improvement. When working harder is no longer getting the results you expect, it’s time to reassess. This does not necessarily have to mean starting from scratch. Your strategies may be outdated a bit. However, they have taken you this far and you know you can master them, which can be a real confidence-booster to keep you motivated to continue. Try mapping out the strategy you commonly use to achieve your goals and then think about where you may be noticing some differences or perhaps where your growth has become stagnant and you need to incorporate a more advanced skillset.

Moving Beyond Perceived Limitations
More often than not the tweak you need starts with any negative self-talk. Before you call on the will power, stamina, and focused energy you need to push you past your last attempts at crushing your goal, you first have to believe you can do it! This means shattering any thoughts of your limitations. Today, the sky is the limit and your efforts to improve are going to help you get more out of life than you imagined at this leg of your journey to success!

Reward Yourself Along the Way

As you begin to see you are making progress, be sure to develop a healthy reward system for a job well done. It does not have to be expensive, time-consuming, or carry an abundance of simple sugars. The key to motivational rewards is to discover something meaningful to you that reminds you that you are capable of anything you set your mind to doing. An example would be taking a selfie at every golf course you beat your best score, office lobby where you landed a new sales account, or restaurant where you avoided the temptation to eat unhealthily. Then, post these images on a wall or in a photo book where you can visualize your potential being unleashed before your very eyes!

Develop a Love for the Learning Process

As you follow your dreams, you will likely find the road to your success to be filled with some of your favorite memories. Some of them include those times when you made mistakes or struggled through obstacles in your path. These are are the times when you mustered the strength you did not know you had to overcome hurdles that once seemed insurmountable. Hence, when you feel frustrations and anxiety mounting, take a few minutes to focus on the amazing gifts in your life that will take you through this setback or hardship. These are the relationships, inner abilities, and small triumphs you might soon discover you cherish the most.

Thus, the time to unbind your potential starts now! It begins with small manageable changes that you can make using the above strategies and much more you will be able to apply from my next course series without feeling like you are sacrificing or losing out. Don’t waste another day feeling stuck in a rut. You have it within you to break through those limitations you have been holding onto and achieve your dreams in all areas of your life. Reserve your spot in my next course today and see just how easy and rewarding it is to take that next step towards success!

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