A woman in a hoodie with her arms outstretched in the sunset.

Using Positive Thinking to Fight Depression Over the Holidays

A woman in a hoodie with her arms outstretched in the sunset.Although they bring a lot of joy to most, the holidays can be a particularly difficult time of year for people who feel isolated or battle depression. If you are unable to embrace the spirit of this season due to sadness or loneliness, these techniques can help. Discover the strength you never knew you have inside with these five strategies.

1) Set Your Sights Ahead
It is good to make a list of goals and wishes. There is nothing wrong with striving for something you want. In fact, it’s healthy! That list can make you move forward when times are hard causing you to want to stay still. However, what you don’t have or goals you have not yet reached can bring you down just as easily as working towards them can give you a reason to get up in the morning. 

The key is to set one small short-term goal you can accomplish each day as you build towards greater possibilities. When you fall short, you can find comfort in knowing you did your best and you can always try again the next day. If you are still unable to manage your goal, try starting with a smaller one. As you learn to conquer fears and gain confidence through crushing your goals, visualize the end result of all your hard work is going to be worth it! You CAN do this!

2) Focus on What You DO Have

There is always something wonderful in this world to keep in mind as you go throughout the day. It can be a struggle to find it sometimes, though something good is always surrounding you as well as inside of you! Look around. See if you can find something beautiful in your life to appreciate and hold onto. It does not have to be extraordinary to others. To start with, you can focus on things most people may take for granted. Then, the sheer act of overcoming obstacles to push through your goals mentioned above can give you more to be grateful for as you grow.

3) Surround Yourself With Uplifting People 

Do you have a lot of positive people in your life? Those around us can greatly impact how we feel about ourselves, a certain situation, and life in general. If you cannot find a positive influence, volunteering could be the solution. Not only does it warm your heart to serve others in need, but it also helps you make new friends who are trying to make life better for all.

4) Turn Negatives Into Positives
Sometimes the stressor lies too close to home to ignore or push aside. When those you love and trust say hurtful comments, it can result in stunting our emotions and prevent us from reaching for better. This is especially true if the one saying the remarks is you. While you cannot change other people’s method of expression or opinions, you can alter the way you process their criticism. By converting those negative words into positives in your mind, you can remove their power over your emotions. Practice thinking more positive thoughts with whatever you hear or say both to others and yourself.

 Here are some examples of how you can replace the painful comments with positive ones in your mind and inner voice:

Change: “Don’t do that!”
“Please do this instead.”

Change: “You can’t do it!”
“You have not yet done it, and there is always a way to accomplish whatever you want most.”

Change: “You are never going to get this!”
To: “Thank you for working on this task. You are on the right track and improving with each attempt. Keep trying! One day, you are going to crush this!”

Change: “I don’t want to be with you!”
To: “A healthier happier relationship is coming. While you wait, work on being kind to all including yourself, appreciating all the good in your life, hearing positive messages, and working towards your dreams one small goal at a time!”

5) Attempt Something New
There is nothing like scaling a challenge to give your mood a boost! If you find yourself in a constant loop day in and day out, perhaps it is time for a fresh approach or a break to focus on a different opportunity to work on all together. Golf or pickleball anyone?

You have what it takes to make the most of each day and find out how amazing you truly are! Apply these methods to whatever stands in your way of experiencing a sense of purpose and deeper satisfaction. Then, continue overcoming all that has been holding you back by signing up for our next course! We will teach you how elite athletes and incredibly successful individuals take control over their emotional, mental, physical, and financial state of being in easy steps you can apply immediately. Let’s do this together! Sign up TODAY!

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