4 Ways You Can Work On Your Mental Golf Game

When you hear the phrase mental golf game, what do you think? Has someone told you that the mental golf game is about visualizing what you want to happen? While focused breathing and visualization are essential to your golf game and are often skills that are overlooked, the crucial part of the metal game is what, where, and how your practice. It is important to remember that when it comes to your mental game, an essential part of practice isn’t the time that you spend practicing but how that time is invested. Here are five ways you can work on your mental golf game.

1.) Practice Your Short Game
Did you know that your shots around the green, and your ability to save par, are both directly connected to the state of your mental game? So, while practicing your short game might not be your favorite thing, it will provide you with the necessary momentum. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your short game will win you the tournament, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to refine your skills – because not having it will only negatively affect your game. So, practice, practice, practice your short game.

2.) Make It A Competition
When you make something a competition, even a friendly one, it helps to build mental toughness. Putting yourself into a stressful and pressure-filled situation, even during a practice game, helps you mentally prepare for where your mind goes during a competition. This is done by allowing you the practice and time necessary to understand and work through those same thoughts and feelings – better preparing you for the pressure of competition.

3.) For Every Practice, Set A Goal
If you are looking for a way to make to most out of your practices every time, then you need to set a goal every practice. Don’t just hope that you are going to get better. When you set a goal during every practice, you will know that you’ve improved every time you hit that goal during practice. And, as you increase the difficulty of your goals, you will also be improving your mental toughness – which is also essential to your game during the competition.

4.) Avoid Hitting The Same Shot In A Row
Have you ever heard other golfers say they play better on the range than on the course? This is because there is no stress and few consequences on the range. But, if you are there to practice your shots and hitting, there are also only so many types of shots that you can take. And, when it comes to practicing and refining your skills being able to hit a variety of shorts is essential. Avoid getting lost in the range’s groove and repeatedly hitting the same ball. Instead, try randomizing your shots and practice

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