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7 Habits Successful Leaders Practice Daily

Happy smiling business team in officeWant to be a smashing success with work and relationships? Try these 7 easy tips that successful leaders apply daily. With a little practice, you too could show the world your inner champion as you reach for your dreams!

1. Stretch and Exercise in the Morning
Before you start the day, your body needs to warm up for everything you have planned. Help improve your focus and build your energy level with a stretch and exercise routine before going to work. This does not have to be a strenuous workout. For instance, a few minutes of stretching and a series of short walks throughout the day with the first one planned for the morning could arguably be just as effective as one long walk. The key is to get into the habit of warming up your body before you add stressors from the day.

2. Write Down Your Goals & Strategies
This is not like your typical New Year’s Resolutions. If you are looking for a next step in your career, what would you like to do? Where would you like to work? Do some digging to find out all of the requirements of the job and which method of networking is most effective for that goal. Then, make a realistic plan for how you can gain the skills and experience required as well as how to get noticed by the right people in the company. If you are striking out on your own, write down a clear vision for how to make each component of your business more efficient and build your profitability without sacrificing your core values.

3. Be Willing to Jump In Where Needed & Learn
Successful people excel at looking for ways to develop their skills or their environment around them. They see each day as another opportunity to branch out and discover something new, check off another short-term goal, and take steps to improve their company, loved ones, and community. This is not something you can always plan. Sometimes, it’s as simple as looking around you as you go throughout your day. Does anyone seem overwhelmed? Is there a need you can fill with volunteering some time or your skills?

4. Surround Yourself With Inspiration
Everything around you influences your mood and motivation. So, why not select friends, songs, and movies that inspire you to reach your full potential? While your new morning exercise routine and/or bursts of exercise throughout the day plus good nutritional habits can help you stay focused, you are less likely to continue this healthy shift without support. For this reason, surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people and, believe it or not, music can make a huge impact on your ability to maintain your self-improvement efforts.

5. Focus on Being Grateful
Another way you can feel energized and excited about your future is to create that exhilaration by changing your perspective. It may seem like the obstacles in your path are insurmountable, but there is always a way to achieve your dreams. You can begin to see that avenue more clearly as you focus on what you do have that is working for you as opposed to what you don’t yet have or those things that appear to be holding you back. Once you know your strengths and what you have that is pushing you in the right direction, you can expand on them to be more productive and as your gratitude for your strengths and the good things in your life make you feel better about where you are in the journey along the way.

6.Plan Your Week Around a Day to Relax
Do you tend to give up when you get frustrated or overwhelmed? Experiencing burnout on any project or goal in life is a real threat to your success. You may be enthusiastic or even fixated on checking off your goals. However, striking a work-rest-play balance that helps you both keep your dedication to pursuing your dreams and find the joy in your life where you are now. One way to ensure you have this balance in place is to set aside one day per week that is protected from work-related tasks. This way, you have the rest and relaxation you need to build relationships and feel refreshed for the week.

7. Prepare to Adapt
Of course, despite all of your hard work, there are always things we cannot control that can get in the way of your becoming a more successful leader in your workplace or community. What’s the good news? Seeing the positive side of new challenges with your healthy mindset will allow you to navigate your way through to an even better result than originally expected!

Where can I Learn More Successful Leadership Skills?
Once you begin applying these tips, you should see a change in how you feel about your career and relationships as well as how you view yourself. But, what if we said there is so much more you could apply to give that change a serious boost? Debbie O’Connell has been called one of the top 50 teachers in America by Golf Digest and the LPGA. Through a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy ®, Debbie and her experienced team offer proven techniques that can advance your skills and change your life forever! Sign up for your favorite course or event on Debbie’s website today!

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