successful business team giving each other a high five.

5 Traits of Successful Leader

successful business team giving each other a high five.Looking to add new leadership skills for that next level of success? Maybe you are just tired of struggling with the same workplace issues over and over again. These five traits can help you overcome your challenges to get more out of life and find that happy balance you have been seeking.

1) Pour on the Positive Energy!
Think back to all the people you have met in your life who seemed to draw people into a conversation with ease or had that special something that made people feel motivated to tackle a task. Probably none of them wore a frown or barked orders. Studies have shown time and time again that positive energy combined with positive reinforcement will elicit a better response from people than negative or neutral leadership. Therefore, try applying enthusiasm to your workload along with other areas of interest and consider how problems that arise can become a means to a new and improved direction. Soon, that friendly disposition will allow employees, coworkers, and employers alike to look forward to working with you, which could lead to such things as an increase in productivity or a promotion!

2) Showcase Your Confidence!
At a corporate event or networking function, do you look down at the floor, search the room for familiar faces, or introduce yourself to the first person you see as you look forward to working your way through the crowd in a concerted effort to meet as many people as possible? To be the person who can’t wait to meet everyone at the event takes unwavering confidence. In other words, a firm belief in your value to that organization or group of individuals is paramount to achieving success whether you are making a judgment call or creating new business connections. This is true at work, on the golf course, or in your personal life as you build uplifting and energizing relationships.

3) Wear a Different Hat!
Successful leadership comes from understanding all the required tasks that make your business profitable from the ground up. If you are unaware of the challenges facing your employees or consumers, performance or sales can suffer. Of course, not everyone is qualified to perform all roles, such as that of an engineer in your firm. However, you can still shadow and observe timelines and challenges. Such experiences not only help you add value to your leadership role by developing innovative ways around department concerns but also affords you the opportunity to gain the respect of employees and management.

4) Make Courtesy and Respect the Standard!
While earning the trust and appreciation from performing different roles, you can also lead by example in other ways as well. By leaving politics and controversial topics at home, offering to help out where you can, and treating each individual the same regardless of position in the company, you will be constructing a more positive work environment all can enjoy. Plus, as previously noted, when the mood is lifted, an increase in productivity usually follows.

5) Always Have an Attainable Plan!
Successful leaders are known for their expert strategies to achieve a collective goal. This will require both the ability to form a long-term goal based on the big picture as well as several short-term objectives that offer manageable steps for employees to take. One of the most overwhelming moments in a job comes from receiving notice that an entire workflow is going to be redesigned using different software or a recently purchased piece of equipment. Strong leaders know both when to implement change and how to walk employees through such alterations without producing a significant slowing of production or added stress.

How can I Learn More About Applying These Traits to My Career?
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