A female golfer on a tour is following through her swing.

9 At Home Stretches for a Better Round of Golf

A female golfer on a tour is following through her swing.Are you looking for simple ways to feel more comfortable on the golf course and perform better while reducing your risk of an injury? Check out CardioGolf™ Online Studio where Master LPGA Professional Karen Palacios-Jansen shares tips on how to get into the best shape for your golf game as well as how incorporating the right stretches like these into your warm-up routine can make a serious impact on how you play and how you feel.

Exercise in any sport is so important. But, it’s hard to go it alone. That’s why NASM Certified Personal Trainer Karen created the CardioGolf™ Online Studio. This is a fun golf-specific virtual exercise and swing-tweaking resource that will teach you how to stretch and build all of the muscles you use in your swing or even to carry your clubs from the comfort of your home. Karen walks you through step-by-step for each routine and workout modification and introduces you to a better round of golf by improving your posture, endurance, balance, flexibility, and muscle tone.

Discover how to get more out of your swing and game with Karen Palacios-Jansen at CardioGolf™ Online Studio and enjoy full-body at-home stretch routines like this one.

At-Home Stretch Routine for Better Golf

For each stretch below, hold the stretch for 30 seconds before coming out of the stretch slowly. Don’t forget to breathe and tighten your core to keep your spine aligned and strengthen those muscles as you go.
  1. Standing Calve Stretch – Place your front foot heel on a CardioGolf™ slope or modify the stretch using a small step or flat surface and press forward with back foot behind and facing the same direction. Push into the front foot to drive the heel down and do the same to elongate the back foot.
    • Standing Hip Flexor Stretch – Lift up and over with one arm and lean over to the side.
    • Standing Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation – Lift arm straight up and back behind still extended upwards.
  2. Standing Inner Thighs Stretch – Turn to the side. With the clubhead on the ground hold it out away from you and use it to balance as you lean forward and away from the extended leg that is still on the slope and lean into your heels as you sit back into your stance.
  3. Lower Back Stretch on Floor – Lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest, and wrap your arms around your knees as you pull them closer into your chest like a hug. Keep core active and pull your belly button into your spine.
  4. Lying Down Hamstring Stretch on Floor – Straighten one leg and lift one straight up and towards your head as you grab your leg where you can and pull the leg towards the floor without bending your knee.
  5. Butterfly Hip Stretch Floor – While lying down, touch the bottoms of your feet together. Let your knees fall outward towards the floor. For a better stretch, pull your feet higher towards you as they continue to touch toe-to-heel and push your knees to the floor.
  6. Glute Bridge Quad Stretch – While lying down, place your heels on the slope or small step, flex your feet, and go into a bridge. Lift your core upward as you stretch the quads and glutes.
    • Glue Bridge with Shoulder Retraction – While still in the bridge, clasp your hands together underneath your body to engage the shoulders.
  7. V-Sit – Sit up nice and tall on the floor with your legs extended out to the sides and lean forward with your hands reaching outward towards the middle. Flex your feet to get a deeper stretch.
    • V-Sit with Rotation – While in your V-Sit position and with an outstretched arm, place your hand across your body and the back of your hand past your opposite leg while your same side arm reaches behind you for stability and turn your body towards your leg. If you have a CardioGolf™ slope, you can hold onto the opposite side of the slope.
  8. Side-Lying Stretch with Twist – Lie down on your side and, if you have one, lean over the CardioGolf™ slope. Bend the knee closest to the ground while keeping the other leg straight. Rotate your shoulders to stretch out your arms with palms on the floor.
  9. Back Extension – While sitting on the floor with both feet on the floor about shoulder-width apart, bend your knees 45-degrees and lie back on the floor or against the slope. Let your arms fall straight out to your side as you look up at the sky or ceiling. Then, try straightening your legs and flexing your feet for a better back stretch.
Do these stretches to warm up before you play for greater reach, power, and flexibility or as a great way to wake up in the morning. Watch the video here and be sure to check out CardioGolf™ Online Studio today. Enjoy!

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