A golfer strikes a tee shot on a beautiful park near lake

5 Steps to Rebuild Your Winning Mindset After an Off Day on the Golf Course

A golfer strikes a tee shot on a beautiful park near lake
When you’ve had that off day where nothing you do seems to go right on the golf course, how do you quickly shake off the frustration and self-doubt to find a renewed energy and excitement for the next day’s round? Is it easy to put aside your negative mindset or are you able to embrace the lessons you learn and keep pushing forward? If you struggle with switching back to a positive and constructive mindset you’ll need to find the joy after a challenging round of golf, check out these five steps that will have you looking forward to whatever awaits you on the next hole!

1. Focus on the Lesson
We as humans are built to be competitive and, therefore, it’s natural for golfers to try to advance with every stroke and feel defeated when they don’t. But, the truth is you are going to have those days when you are not progressing. There are going to be mistakes and missteps.

The good news is you’ll learn more from making errors than you will from a great round of golf. Therefore, be thankful for those “oops” moments that teach you applicable lessons to improve your form and enjoyment of the game going forward. After making a mistake on a hole, take some time to laugh about this anomaly and remember you are now armed with more knowledge for a better round next time.

2. Count Your Strengths
Many people like the “Count to 10” exercise to stay calm. I like to count my strengths. Shift the attention away from what is wrong to what is right by recalling what you do well. Think of it this way, if you are feeling bad about something, you will likely want to trade it for something that makes you feel good if given the option. Golf will not always provide you with that perfect round. Sometimes, you are going to experience the frustrations of making mistakes you have made before and it seems like a never-ending cycle. At that moment, all you probably want to do is give up. By shifting your focus to what you do well, it’s easier to find the joy in golf and remember why you cannot wait to get out to the fairway to try again!

3. Reward Yourself With Your Favorites
Part of growing your skills in golf is to challenge yourself to take harder shots and test your abilities. That said, when your higher difficulty level is not playing out well, it might be the perfect opportunity to dust off all your favorites. Start with your favorite club to tee off, go back to your favorite strategy that’s fun with or without the low score you eventually want to attain, and, after your round, spend time with close friends or family members and enjoy your favorite meal or beverage. By rewarding yourself with these favorites during your off days, you’ll feel refreshed and emotionally ready for whatever the next day brings.

4. Keep it Simple
Ready to approach the ball with a fresh and winning mindset? Perfect. Now, play it a little safe and keep it simple and smooth to rebuild your confidence. This doesn’t mean forever, just while you are getting back into your positive thinking mode where the challenging moments won’t be able to hijack your entire round. Even professionals go back to the basics when trying to figure out what’s going wrong with their swing or strategy as well as those times when they need a confidence booster.

5. Lift Your Spirits With Something Easy
If you still are not able to shake off that negative thinking, be prepared to switch gears and remove the possibility of playing “poorly” altogether. Hit the driving range for a day or two where no one is counting strokes. For ideas on how to take the pressure off on the golf course, add an entertaining game like Bingo, Bango, Bongo. With this game, the idea is to score the highest number of points you accrue from being the first one on the green, hitting the closest shot to the pin, or sending the first ball into the hole. There are dozens of games you can play or make up your own to keep the laughs coming and build your self-confidence before you tackle that next skill goal.

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