A woman bending down to prepare for a morning run on the docks.

6 Things Successful People Do at the Start of Their Day

A woman bending down to prepare for a morning run on the docks.Have you ever wondered what successful people do differently that helps them exceed most people’s goals and expectations? Here are 6 habits that have been reported as instrumental in shaping the right mindset for a more fulfilling life.

1. Spend Some Time Being Mindful & Thankful

Instead of starting the day by dragging out of bed to take a shower while dreading the work commute, successful people often try to wake up on a positive note with an attitude of gratitude. After all, when you think about it, work, school, sports, and even exercising at the gym are all privileges – not punishment. Plus, each day’s activities bring fresh opportunities to explore, new contacts to greet who may be able to help pass that business idea along to the right people, and rewards like a paycheck, good grades, better health, and/or a larger network of friends.

In other words, starting the day with a positive mindset and lots of appreciation for what is going well in one’s life is the foundation for seeing the possibilities throughout the day as they arrive. Best of all, this step doesn’t take long. It could be as simple as listing 5 to 10 things or people that are true blessings to appreciate. Then, begin the process of switching the negative “I have to” with the positive “I get to”. Voilà! It’s time to get the day started!

2. Carve Out Alone Time

You know those early morning hours before everyone in the house begins to stir and the coffee somehow smells better while brewing or the pre-workout shake tastes better without the added stress of multitasking? This is the perfect strategy and reflection moment of the day. Take this time to have some thoughts on where you are and where you hope to be.

Ask yourself where you are in your list of short-term goals? How many have you completed in the past week or month? Are they manageable or a bit too lofty to check off currently? If you find progression on any of your goals is a bit slow for your timeline, what small steps can you begin today to make a positive impact?

Remember, obstacles in your path always have an answer. It just might take some creative thinking, research, initiative, and a positive mindset. You can do this!

3. Stretch & Exercise
The day has officially begun for you mentally and emotionally, now it’s time to get your body ready to carry out the brain’s orders. There are many options and opinions on the different forms, techniques, and timing suggestions related to stretching, cardio, and weight training. The one thing everyone agrees on is the need to get moving to warm up those muscles and lengthen those ligaments. Whatever routine you select, be sure it incorporates all areas of the body to reduce your risk of injury or other medical concerns while crushing today’s task list.

4. Make Your Bed & Dress for Confidence

You might say, “Wait. I work/study from home, though. That means I have a license to wear sweats all day.” While it’s true you can wear whatever you like at home and you can technically wear that wrinkled untucked shirt that barely passes the dress code at the office or at school, successful people tend to believe you dress how you want to feel and be regarded. Therefore, whether people are around or not, dressing for your dream job as well as how you would like to be seen doing that job has a direct link to your attitude, self-view, confidence, and focus throughout the day. It may also affect the number of opportunities you receive as a result.

5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

There is a reason you hear this from your doctor, family, friends, coaches or gym buddies, and nearly every time you search for a breakfast recipe online. Breakfast sets the tone for how much fuel your body will have to complete the beginning tasks on the day’s agenda.

Moreover, a balanced healthy breakfast can make you feel accomplished and headed in the right direction towards your goals. This is important because it’s a whole lot easier to move forward with momentum than to attempt to start over from scratch at each meal or fight through the slumps and crashes throughout the day. In short, good food is essential for nourishing your body, attitude, and mental energy.

6. Establish a Routine
Some say it takes two weeks to establish a new routine. Regardless of being in the “it takes two weeks” or “it takes a solid month” camp, successful people know the value of maintaining a well-rounded and consistent routine that leaves you feeling confident and accomplished at the end of the day.

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