A woman with a weighted backpack is getting help from an outstretched hand on hike up a mountain

Focus on the Positives During Challenging Times

A woman with a weighted backpack is getting help from an outstretched hand on hike up a mountainWhen unexpected life-altering events occur, it can be a challenging time for all involved emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially, and even physically. The good news is there is a way to lessen the damaging effect of such hardships. Reduce the negative impact on your health, relationships, current responsibilities, and future goals with the power of positive thinking and a winning mindset.

Give Your Challenges a Name

There is a natural grieving process that is to be expected at the passing of a loved one, the loss of friendship, the loneliness of setbacks due to circumstances beyond your control, or the missed opportunity to achieve a lifelong pursuit. That said, we all know it is not healthy to stay stuck in those early stages of grief surrounded by feelings of fear, anger, doubt, guilt, shock, denial, or sadness. But, how does one move forward when the negative thoughts keep coming and the emotions are overwhelming?

Before you can move forward, the first thing to do in your times of struggle is to define your self-doubting enemy in clear and concrete terms. For example, if the stressor is the loss of a job or a massive shift in your career, then your challenge would become finding a new occupational direction that includes that next advancement opportunity that suits your skills, your experience and education, your interests, and your needs. If it is the loss of a loved one that is keeping you from a more balanced life or reaching for your dreams, then your challenge is to name all the good and healthy blessings in your life.

Focus on Your Strengths

As human beings, we gain confidence as we take some control over our destiny and overcome challenges in our path. But, unexpected hardships can create doubt in the belief that anything is possible and build a seemingly insurmountable wall that blocks any obvious solutions. This is why taking a much-needed break from the defined problem and focusing on your strengths, your healthy relationships, and new or continued dreams is critical to empowering your next step in the healing process. Give yourself something to look forward to doing each day using your talents, skills, daily routines, relaxing activities, or fellowship with loved ones. Since having a winning mindset means leaving behind your self-doubt and negative talk, try thinking instead about what you have to offer and what you can use to take that next step towards a more balanced life and the attaining of your life’s aspirations.

Surround Yourself With Positive Influences
On top of your stressful events, you may find your relationships with the people in your life are another threat to forging ahead. The overall tone of your environment around you can play just as big a role in your emotional well-being as any outside influence, if not more so. Therefore, to achieve a champion’s mentality and reach your full potential in life, you may find that volunteering or spending time in an uplifting location surrounded by positive influences is one of the best ways to counteract negative thoughts and feelings.

Ask Yourself What CAN You Control?
When you are not working on building healthy bonds with others or forming daily activities that help you get excited to get up in the morning, you are ready to begin searching for ways to resolve your initial challenge(s). In other words, it is time to feel in control of something useful and meaningful to you. Continue growing and applying your skills and experience as you utilize available resources, expert advice, faith, and the support you gain from being encouraged by those around you. These are the things that can give you a renewed sense of control and purpose. Should you find yourself still struggling with doubt, return to the question of what you currently enjoy or have to offer that can carry you through with applied concentration to your next goal.

Determine a Next Step
While once again moving ahead in a positive direction, it may be tempting to jump full-force in one particular area of your life where you feel you have more control and see immediate rewards. Practice patience and perseverance in working towards those other goals that do not come as easily. Life is an adventure, and some of our greatest triumphs come from putting one foot in front of the other with a short stride during the most challenging of times.

Hence, while life may bring hardship to your journey, positive thinking and determination can alter the outcome of such moments to provide you with opportunities for new rewards and possibilities. Separate your mind from unhealthy thoughts and stressors in your environment to see the world and all you dreamed you could be within it is still there waiting for the champion in you to rise. For added suggestions on ways to go beyond your current circumstances to discover the amazing strength you already possess inside, be sure to sign up for my next course that will provide a proven winning strategy you won’t want to miss! Register today before it’s too late!

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