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How to Measure Your Mid-Year Progress

Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the marketNot sure if you are on track to complete your goals for the year? This plan of action can help you measure your mid-year progress to find out where you stand with your 2021 aspirations. Find out which areas may need some strategic tweaks to ensure you close the gap on living your best life by the end of the year!

You’re halfway there! Only six months to go. For many, this can be a pivotal time of great inspiration or a time of feeling like giving up. Try applying these five methods of analysis to make sure you stay motivated and on target for the remainder of the year!

1) Check off Your Accomplished Goals
This may sound obvious, but visibly checking off the goals you have accomplished on a written list helps you get a visual of how far you have come. This is imperative to keeping a positive mindset that you will need to continue advancing towards your year-end goals. As you cross off each goal, that visual will stick with your subconscious and help you remember how far you have come already!

2) Edit Your Goals for Realistic Achievability
Now, a little tweaking is in order. Once you have your list of those goals that are still yet to be completed, it’s time to review them for how you can break them into smaller goals or steps in order to continue using your momentum. Which will you begin tackling this week? Where will you start? Is this something you can incorporate into your daily routine or do you have to set aside a specific time and day to move closer to crushing a goal on your list?

3) Take Inventory of Your Current Efforts to Achieve Each Goal
When unchecked goals are on your list because you feel you have tried to check it off yet you felt you could not complete the task. Keeping in mind that no goal is insurmountable, write down what you have done or are currently doing to move forward with your strategy. Then, note which steps that you have taken are working and which may require revamping. If you are unsure of how to tackle your next obstacle, consider turning to other resources for the missing ingredients.

4) Search for More Available Resources
One beautiful thing about striving towards your dream career or self-improvements is the opportunity to discover how available resources can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Take time to research creative avenues to accomplish more challenging goals. For example, would taking a neurolinguistic programming (NLP) course online give you the knowledge needed to advance in your plan for the remainder of the year? Perhaps spending some time with inspiring leaders in your industry or company would allow you to develop new skills or a greater understanding of your fellow employees that can catapult you to that next level!

5) Find Time Each Week Going Forward to Reflect on Your Goals
Find Time Each Week Going Forward to Reflect on Your Goals
Okay, you’re doing great so far. You’ve visually removed some of this year’s goals and you have a realistic plan of action for the rest. But, all work all the time will burn you out on even those changes you are most excited about. Try pacing yourself by protecting one day per week for rest and reflection. This way, if you do need to make additional tweaks to your plan, you can use this day to strategize and think outside of the box. After a little more planning, you may find you are closer to this year’s career or relationship changes than you think!

Feeling confident you are on the path to those much-deserved rewards?
At this point, you should feel good about the goals you were able to check off your list and the strides you are currently making. Even if you only checked off one small goal or you took one extra step towards your fulfilling this year’s dreams, remember it’s still progress. Don’t quit yet! You can already start to see your finish line appearing with each small manageable goal you crush. But, if you are concerned your long-term goals are out of reach, we can make it to that finish line together! Simply sign up for one of our upcoming events or courses that will share the secrets successful business owners, CEOs, and elite athletes have been applying for decades. In just a short time, you too will be beaming with confidence as you begin to enjoy the process of achieving your dreams!

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