golf mothers and daughters in golf cart

How Golf can Help Bring Families Together Over the Holidays

golf mothers and daughters in golf cartIt’s that time of year when friends and families come together for the holidays. If you are looking for ways to keep your whole crew entertained and work off some of the festive meals you plan to eat, a round of golf or time at the driving range could be the perfect solution. Here are five reasons golf should be at the top of your list of family activities throughout the season.

1. You Don’t Have to Be a Professional Player to Have Fun!
Golf is a great sport for people of all skill levels. Unlike other sports, golf doesn’t require a lot of excessive strength, agility, or physical stamina. That said, it
offers enough of a challenge for even the most skilled golfer in terms of retaining a positive mindset, utilizing advanced problem-solving strategies, and, ultimately, working to lower one’s score. Plus, when playing with friends or family members who have just started, seasoned golfers will have a blast sharing what they know. This learning process will open up communication and allow grandparents, parents, and children alike to grow together and build happy memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Then, all that talking, walking, and bonding will work up an appetite. While eating, you’ll have loads of stories to recall or mistakes to laugh about together. What a great way to celebrate and spend quality time with one another!

2. Children of All Ages are Able to Participate
If you are wondering which activity might keep the kiddos out of Grandma’s kitchen for a few hours while developing helpful life skills, golf might be ther perfect solution. Did you know studies have shown early exposure to golf for children as young as two years of age can increase their interest in the sport? On that note, starting one’s golf journey as a young child can provide a leg up on the soon-to-be competition in terms of practice and understanding.

Certainly, not all players will become champions or have the desire to compete. However, learning to play as young children will result in many opportunities to meet new friends during school years, network in business settings as adults, and, arguably more importantly, bond with multiple generations of family members during family get-togethers, such as holiday celebrations. Additionally, golf will teach children social etiquette skills like taking turns and being patient that will prove invaluable at school and in life. If nothing else, running around on the golf course can burn off the sugar from candy canes and hot chocolate. Therefore, whatever happens, it’s a win-win!

3. Different Golfing Games can Break the Ice and Bring the Laughter
Who says nine or 18 holes of traditional golf rules is the only way to enjoy your time on the golf course? If your family members are not experienced golfers, take this time to have fun with some light-hearted games to introduce them to the sport. For example, we love the game of “Bingo, Bango, Bongo” for new players. In this game, a Bingo is the first player to reach the green. The closest ball to the pin after everyone reaches the green gets a Bango. Last, the Bongo goes to the player who gets their ball in the hole first. For every Bingo, Bango, or Bongo, the players receive three points.

Games aside, families can also make up funny awards to hand out at dinner time. For instance, someone could receive the “Most Points” award, the Most “Awkward Swing” award, or the “Made us Laugh the Hardest” award. When it comes to family time on the golf course, the key is to make it a welcoming activity for all!

4. The Driving Range Helps Everyone Improve at Their Own Pace
If a full round of golf is too much for some of the little ones or if a break from competition is in order, spending time at the driving range could be the activity you need to let everyone participate without hurt feelings. At the driving range, each family member or friend can work on improving his or her swing, help a family member get the feel of connecting with the ball or test out new skills the family learned from watching one of my free webinars on my Facebook or Instagram pages or one of my ground-breaking interactive courses found on my website. There is never a dull waiting moment at the driving range, and that makes it the ultimate activity for even the top wiggler in your crew!

5. Golf Simulators Give Celebrations a Boost!
Not sure about bringing the children to the driving range? Perhaps you are nervous about your family members feeling intimidated and self-conscious while playing a round of golf. Golf simulators can help bring the family together over the holidays through a combination of technology and tasty food and drinks. Much like bowling, golf simulators can keep score of the golf ball distance and provide a chance for each player to compete for a personal best each turn. Play in teams or as individuals and just try to stop from smiling. We dare you!

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